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1975 was the first time I met “clay” and it was love at first touch. We had a glorious two years together but a career, family and moving all ended my work with clay until a move to North Carolina and becoming close friends with potters in Floyd Virginia. I renewed my interest and now had a seriousness of purpose. I studied ceramics in North Carolina, Kirkland Washington, Nevada City, Anderson Ranch and Berkeley. Each location with its unique perspective all enriching my pursuit. Throwing bowls was a passion. They were colorful, functional, and a source of personal accomplishment. I love to hold a bowl, eat from it and share them with others. Then I met Richard Shaw at UC Berkeley. I left the wheel and started making boxes and odd formed “things”. One day I made my first “doll” from a left over scrap of clay. I started “dressing” them and was lost in memories of my childhood love of paper dolls. Almost all my dolls come from my imagination and the clothes tend to be more 1950s than contemporary. They are not beautiful nor perfect. They are what I think we look like.